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Actions You Can Take to Tackle Climate Change

Actions You Can Take to Tackle Climate Change

These apps and resources can help you manage your eco-anxiety—and take steps to tread more lightly on the planet.

IN AUGUST, THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Sixth Assessment Report, detailing the latest scientific understanding of “the current state of the climate, including how it is changing and the role of human influence, and the state of knowledge about possible climate futures, climate information relevant to regions and sectors, and limiting human-induced climate change.”

Here’s a quick summary:

- Climate change is bad, and it’s going to keep getting worse

- Human activity is unequivocally causing and worsening climate change

- Weather extremes will continue to increase in frequency and intensity

- If we don’t reduce emissions to net-zero, and fast, we will render the planet uninhabitable for countless species, including ourselves

Chances are, this report made you feel anxious, depressed, scared, angry, panicked, hopeless, and numb. I felt all of these emotions to my core, after having clung to naive optimism the last couple of years that maybe Covid-19 shutdowns were enough to get us on the right track, or maybe enough world leaders would finally recognize the urgency of this crisis and act accordingly.

Alas, neither Covid-19 nor the words of world leaders has resulted in a course shift, and we continue full speed ahead, racing toward impending climate collapse.

In our world of omnipresent crises and the continuing barrage of dire news about climate change, it often feels easier to just go about our days, hoping and praying that some smart scientist somewhere will figure out a way to deal with it in time.

But the reality is that we are out of time, and it’s everyone’s collective responsibility, no matter how small an impact we think we might have. It is more important than ever for us to find ways to stay engaged, rather than losing hope.