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Biden Touts Economic Benefits of Combating Climate Change

Biden Touts Economic Benefits of Combating Climate Change

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Joe Biden joined business and union leaders Friday in touting the economic benefits of addressing global warming when he delivered remarks from the White House on the last day of a two-day virtual climate change summit.

“When we invest in climate resilience and infrastructure, we create opportunities for everyone,” Biden said.

Biden’s remarks at a session on the “economic opportunities of climate action” came one day after he announced a new goal of cutting U.S. greenhouse gas pollution by 50-52% by 2030.

Biden’s commitment is the most ambitious U.S. climate goal ever, nearly doubling the cuts the Obama administration pledged to meet in the Paris climate accord.

The White House arranged for billionaires, CEOs and union executives to help promote Biden's plan to reduce the U.S. economy’s reliance on fossil fuels by investing trillions of dollars in clean-energy technology, research and infrastructure while simultaneously saving the planet.

Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared “We can't beat climate change without a historic amount of new investment,” adding “We have to do more, faster to cut emissions.”

Biden climate change envoy John Kerry emphasized Biden’s call for modernizing U.S. infrastructure to operate more cleanly, maintaining it would provide long-term benefits for the U.S. economy. “No one is being asked for a sacrifice," Kerry said. “This is an opportunity.”

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