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Climate change

Climate change

The world is getting warmer every day. The Korea Times also mentioned the boom of stick insects and gypsy moths as an effect of the warming climate in Korea. Climate change has become one of the critical issues nowadays.

The world's top emitter of carbon dioxide is China. Among others, the United States, various European Union nations, India, Russia, and Japan are getting right up there with China.

Together with the increase of the Earth's temperature and the sea level rise, carbon dioxide with it greenhouse effect, air pollution, heat waves, weather disasters such as the torrential floods that we are now experiencing, forest fires, and the spread of the coronavirus have caused the drastic changes in our daily life.

In Korea, it is said the climate changes twice as fast than in other countries.

We are very much aware of this climate crisis, but it takes much time to change our lifestyles. I was glad to hear that some birds have returned to the seashores thanks to the closure of the airports, the major carbon dioxide polluter, due to COVID-19.

Nevertheless, our streets are still crowded with many cars, and most of the buildings and the transportation are well air-conditioned. How can we reduce the climate effect when we still prefer the convenience of life?

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