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Students Win First Step Towards More Climate Education

Students Win First Step Towards More Climate Education

New Haven students want to learn more about climate change in school. This week, the Board of Education committed to helping them make that happen.

New Haven Climate Movement’s big push at the Board of Education resulted in a promise to form a committee or subcommittee focused on climate justice.

“Our generation will truly be the last to reverse the disastrous impacts of climate change. How are we going to do that if we are forced to research it entirely by ourselves?” asked student Julia Kosinski.

The youth-led organization won support from the Board of Alders a year ago for a “climate emergency” resolution that cited Earth’s proximity to a point of no return with climate change. In the resolution, alders committed to educating New Haveners about the emergency and helping to mobilize for change.

Students affiliated with New Haven Climate Movement were already working with the Board of Education on food waste in cafeterias when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They have also been ramping up requests in recent months for more change in school curricula.

“We feel that not much action has been done,” said NHCM student leader Kiana Flores, who attends Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School.

The youth activists submitted their plan for change, the Climate Justice Schools Initiative, to the board last Friday. They collected over 750 supporters of more climate education in schools with an online petition.