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UNHCR Global Appeal 2022

UNHCR Global Appeal 2022

High Commissioner’s foreword

2022 will be shaped by the world’s response to three threats: conflict, COVID-19 and climate change. The first has bedevilled us throughout history, the second is a new scourge threatening long-term damage, the third will, without urgent action, have lasting effects. All three hit the most vulnerable hardest, including refugees and other people of concern to UNHCR. All three could be vastly alleviated by robust and rapid action from the international community.

Despite the need for such action, we have seen wars continue, sometimes stoked by those who should be stopping them. The response to COVID-19 has not been guided by global needs or equity, giving the virus space to thrive and mutate. And climate change is already a human crisis: many of the casualties of current and future climate events are people who have done least to fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Some 90% of refugees under UNHCR’s mandate and 70% of internally displaced people are from countries most vulnerable to the climate emergency.

The longer we leave these problems, the bigger the consequences. And without urgent action, UNHCR anticipates the number of people under its mandate will continue to swell, forcing us to respond to new emergencies, as we did in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and dozens of other places in 2021.

The opportunities for corrective action are, however, there for the international community to seize, and UNHCR will not stop calling for an end to conflict, an equitable recovery from COVID-19 with inclusive access to vaccines and socioeconomic support, and decisive steps to halt climate change and mitigate its impacts.

We will also be relentless in our pursuit of voluntary, safe and dignified solutions for the displaced. This means building on our solutions-oriented work right from the start of crises.